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Loire Valley Castles


Le château de Chaumont-sur-Loire

The Castle of Chaumont-sur-Loire

Situated on a promontory overlooking the Loire, Chaumont's disposition is similar to that of Amboise. From the terrace, the view ...
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Carte postale Le Lude

Le Lude Castle

Le Lude Castle overlooks the pleasant Loir valley with its four powerful round towers. Despite the apparent regularity of its ...
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The Castle of Plessis Bourré

The castle of Plessis-Bourré is rebuilt since 1468 on the basis of middle Ages fortress, the castle of the Plessis-le-vent, ...
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Château de Montsoreau

The Castle of Montsoreau

« The river of Loyre... continuing its happy course, passes by the medium of France... falling in Vienne... From there ...
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Montresor Castle

If Montresor is, by its extent, the smallest commune of Touraine with less than one km2 of surface, it is ...
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château de Valençay

The Castle of Valençay

Around a superb furnished castle, floret of the Renaissance in France, permanent historical spectacles revive to you the record and ...
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The castle of Saumur

The castle of Saumur is built on a height which orders the Loire Valley. Saumur is in the beginning a ...
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Fortress of Montbazon

The Fortress of Montbazon

The origin of Montbazon is at the time Gallo-Roman, the rock mount which was to belong thereafter to certain Bazon ...
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Donjon de Loches

Loches Royal Dungeon

Fatherland of Alfred de Vigny, Loches rises on banks of Indre. The central part of the city preserved its aspect ...
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Façade Palais Jacques Coeur Bourges

The Jacques Cœur Palace (Bourges)

Jacques Cœur would probably not hold the place in French history that he does were it not for the many ...
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Château de Chenonceau

The Castle of Chenonceau

The six women castle. The current castle was built from 1513 to 1521 by Thomas Bohier, receiver of Finances under ...
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Château de Blois - Façade François 1er

The Castle of Blois

If Chambord represents one of the most beautiful architectural showpieces of our country, the castle of Blois represents the region's ...
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Château de Chinon

The Castle of Chinon.

Dominating the river Vienne, the plate of Chinon finishes out of spur, almost to touch the river. This spur, strengthened ...
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Castle of Amboise

Built on a rock headland dominating the city of Amboise and the Loire, this old medieval fortress preserved this time ...
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Château de Chambord

The Castle of Chambord

In the heart of a vast forest, around the bend of a wide, misty path, Chambord rises from the marshes ...
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